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About project

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Site: https://www.historica.org

The Historica project is an interactive political map of the world with a dynamically variable time indicator for displaying the positions of borders and names of the states, as well as related historical information, at any given moment. The historical timeline covers the period from the birth of the first civilizations, starting from about ten millennium BC to the current moment. Even though projects of this kind already exist on the Internet (such as GeaCron or Chronas), the Historica project does not involve human participation in the creation and management of historical and geographical content. All this is planned to be carried out automatically by specially crafted algorithms for data search and processing, including machine learning functions.

It is expected that primary geographic and historical data will be retrieved from the Wikipedia database. Then, it is planned to add various data sources - knowledge bases as well as individual articles or materials available on the Internet. In order to visually display geographic information, it is planned to use the capabilities of the OpenStreetMap (OSM) open project.

In addition to purely geographical information, such as the display of cities or states on a historical map, the project proposes to provide all related data - both about the events that took place in these territories and about the personalities associated with them that left a noticeable mark in history. It is planned that the historical map of the world will have a set of information layers displaying various information - population density, military operations, trade routes, religion, ruling dynasties, and so on. In addition to the information layers, users will be able to create or run various scenarios that dynamically display various historical events - wars, battles, discovery journeys - that is, those events that led to changes in the political borders of states.

The project is created primarily for educational purposes, and the primary users can be various educational institutions - schools or universities. Along with this, the project will also be available for extensive use by everyone interested in the evolution of human civilization who wants to see how it developed in historical dynamics. Historica can be a tool for promotion of territories, cities and various geographical objects to develop tourism, thus becoming a new channel of informative and advertising communications for governmental and non-governmental organizations, businesses as well and particular individuals.

The project is created, developed and financed by a group of history enthusiasts living in different countries. The project headquarters is in Tallinn, Estonia. For the correct legal functioning of the project, a particular non-profit foundation, the Historica Foundation SA, has been registered in Estonia.